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citizen, landscape architect and occasional blogger
pentru română apasă aici


If you are here, you’re most likely interested in learning more about landscape architecture in Romania or about me.

Seeing that most of the information on my website is generated in Romanian, it is better to contact me through the form below in order to find out what interests you.

About me in figures

I do not know how relevant the information below is, but I used this module on my website because I thin it is very funny.

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If you have any questions, you can send me a message using this contact form.

I usually answer fairly quickly provided it is not spring … or autumn … or summer … or winter … respectively those moments during the year when, as a landscape architect, one is extremely busy.

my tiny planets 🙂

Since autumn 2017 I’m playing with a 360 camera. Among the things one can do with the materials from such a play are the tiny planet sau God fingerprint images. Below there are some of the images I’ve made so far. More can be found on my INSTAGRAM account

imagine tiny planet floare
imagine tiny planet Constanta
imgine God fingerprint Salina Turda
imagine tiny planet Marea Neagra Constanta
imagine tiny planet scara
imagine tiny planet Iasi Stefan cel Mare
imagine tiny planet Constanta
imagine tiny planet steagul Romaniei
imagine tiny planet statui comuniste Budapesta
imagine tiny planet clovn
imagine tiny planet albina
imagine God fingerprint cer si pamant


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