Diana Culescu

citizen, landscape architect and occasional blogger
pentru română apasă aici


If you are here, you’re most likely interested in learning more about landscape architecture in Romania or about me. 

So, you can find out more about me via my portfolio page. Otherwise, seeing that most of the information on my website is generated in Romanian, it is better to contact me through the form below in order to find out what interests you.

About me in figures

I don’t know if this info is relevant, but I used this module because I think it is very funny.

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About me in pictures

below you can get a glimpse on some of the stuff I do

on site supervision for one of RPR's projects
with IFLA Europe Bucharest 2017 group
tutoring CoLAB's "Nature within the city" workshop (photo: Centrul Comunitar Tei)
with some of the volunteers at the end of the first day of crowdsourcing data for the tree inventory of Cismigiu historic garden
at Brancusi Heroes Path in Targu Jiu with parcuri360 team (photo: parcuri360)
at the annual informal commemoration meeting for Florin Teodosiu, one of the three founding fathers of landscape architecture in Romania
with the ITEC fellows at the HSMI Management of Sustainable Inclusive Cities course in India
working on an experiment within the public space in the central area of Berlin
as liaison officer for IFLA Europe at a strategic meeting of green sector European organisations (photo: ELCA)
talking about landscape architect profession at the first annual conference of AsoP Romania (photo: Mihai Raitaru)
with colleagues and former professors at the event celebrating 20 years of landscape architecture education in Romania (photo: Mihai Raitaru)
at one of the cyclists' marches for a better mobility infrastructure in Bucharest
working within AsoP Romania team on LAN-NET project  (photo: AsoP Romania)
lecturing on urban arboriculture at a professional workshop (photo: Mihai Raitaru)
signing the memorandum of understanding with the Romanian Chamber of Architects on behalf of AsoP Romania (photo: Mihai Raitaru)
representing the professional association of Romanian landscape architects at a national exhibition (photo: AsoP Romania)
with three of my students that presented their work, developed under my supervision, at European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools conference (photo: Cristian Dan)
tutoring the landscape architecture workshop at Gornesti Summer School on Teleki Domain (photo: Asociatia ARCHE)

If you have any questions, you can send me a message using this contact form.

I usually answer fairly quickly provided it is not spring … or autumn … or summer … or winter … respectively those moments during the year when, as a landscape architect, one is extremely busy.

my tiny planets 🙂

Since autumn 2017 I’m playing with a 360 camera. Among the things one can do with the materials from such a play are the tiny planet sau God fingerprint images. Below there are some of the images I’ve made so far. More can be found on my INSTAGRAM account

tiny planet butterfly
tiny planet Constanta
tiny planet Turda saltern
tiny planet map
tiny planet flower
tiny planet pinkish fantasy
tiny planet bug
tiny planet Black Sea Constanta
tiny planet stairs
tiny planet Stefan cel Mare Iasi
tiny planet Constanta
tiny planet Romanian flag
tiny planet communist statues Budapest
tiny planet clown
tiny planet bee
tiny planet sky and Earth


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